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Fishing Cool

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  • This is a homepage which has a lot of actual fishing information.
  • The field is a sea fishing mainly by my fishing boat.
  • My fishing area is from south of futtsu Cape to Tomiura at the Uchibou in Chiba prefecture.
  • The targets are fishes in season. Those are Azhi in all the year, Kisu.Tai.Ika in early spring, Inada.tai.Isaki.etc from summer to late autumn and Amadai.Kawahagi in winter.

Fishing Information


VOL.38(Mdai & Inada : Good catch)

VOL.37(Big Aji : Good catch)

VOL.36(Madai&Big Aji : Good catch)

VOL.35(Madai : Big one)

VOL.34(Inada & Kanpachi : Fighter)

VOL.33(Inada : Fighter)

VOL.32(Aji : Big one)

VOL.31(Saba & Madai : No Aji)

VOL.30(Krodai : Big one)

VOL.29(Isaki : Big one)

VOL.28(Wanigochi : Good one)

VOL.27(Mejimaguro & Inada : Big Fight)

   VOL.26(Madai : Good Fighting)

VOL.25(Kanpachi & Inada : Good Fighting)

VOL.24(Madai : Good one)

VOL.23(Amadai : Big one)

VOL.22(Mejimagoro : Two fish, Addition)

VOL.21(Saba : by lure.)

VOL.20(Aoriika&Isaki : Only one each.)

VOL.19(Big Umazurahagi&Big Aji : Record.)

VOL.18(Amadai&Big Aji : Rising in water-temp.)

VOL.17(Kawahagi etc : Effect of wiry-lure)

VOL.16(Ishidai : only one)

VOL.15(Tai/Isaki : Jumbo size)

VOL.14(Saba/Wakashi : Good result)

VOL.13(Kawahagi / Megochi : Unexpected result)

VOL.12(Aji / Kurodai : Big one)

VOL.11(Shirogisu : Good Result)

VOL.10(Amadai etc : Only one each)

VOL.9(Inada : Big fight)

VOL.8(Tai etc : Chance of Inada)

VOL.7(Aji etc : Clear sea)

VOL.6(Shirogisu : Poor Result)

VOL.5(Aji : Good Result)

VOL.4(Hanadai : Big Group off Kanaya)

VOL.3(Akaika : Delicious)

VOL.2(Amadai : Late Season)

VOL.1(Isaki : Good Result)


My Fishing Boat
Shuurinkai(Fishing Club)
My Fishing Profile

Links about Fishing
The Fishing Boat
This page has many reports of sea fishing around Ibaragi Prefecture. His picture which shows the image of fishes near the bottom of the sea is pretty. (English version)

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